TSL Series

TSL Loader – TSL 02

Plastic granules are conveyed quickly to machine hopper or drying bin as required. This loader has its own PLC control & recognizes when material is required and automatically starts conveying. This keeps machines running and avoids downtime while eliminating the material spillage, keeping the workspace clean and safe.
Hopper capacity 2 L
TSL 02 for throughput upto 80 kg/hr

  • Suitable for small material conveying (Single Loading)
  • Equipped with cyclone filter for reducing filter cleaning time
  • Automatic cleaning of filter by compressed air after every conveying cycle
  • Angled discharge flap design helps to increases the outlet area and avoids material left out in hopper
  • Energy saving by using 0.85Kw blower
  • Material demand Alarm when material is not being conveyed
  • All material contact area is made up stainless steel material
  • Plug and Play concept reduces installation time and wiring time

Salient features

  • Filter is cleaned automatically during every conveying cycle
  • Parts of loader coming in contact with plastic materials are manufactured from abrasion resistant stainless steel
  • Metallic material inlet and discharge flaps ensure that material being conveyed does not contact with synthetic seals
  • Blowers are highly reliable with zero maintenance

Optional Features

  • Alarm when material is not being conveyed
  • Option with glass tube assembly for low throughput
  • Magnetic grill for undried material
  • Adaptor for machine

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