LTMG series

LTMG – Gravimetric Blender

  • Precise dosing of pellets & additives
  • PLC with touch panel
  • Saving on additives, high productivity
  • Consistent batches & quality
  • Up to 100 variants storage in the system
  • Dedicated PLC Module for load cell
  • Central mixing unit with mechanical stirrer
  • Pneumatic slide gate for discharge
  • Report print function
  • Inventory management
  • Selection of Volumetric / Gravimetric mode
  • Intelligent self-optimizing control
  • Large cleaning window for easy material change and cleaning
  • Pneumatic Suction box for line purging
  • Vacuum Loader for dosing stations
  • Three level password & special programs
  • Micro Dosing screw for low additive throughputs (less than 4%)

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