Shibaura Machine’s systems are broadly classified into:

  • Material dedicated systems – Fewer materials feeding more machines

  • Machine dedicated systems – Large variety of materials feeding fewer machines
  • A variety of system components are used in the system design which includes silos, day bins, system loaders, blower system, dryers, blending units, material and vacuum lines, granulators, temperature control elements, proportionating valves
  • The elements are mixed and matched based on the design and is linked via a coupling stations for ease of operation and flexibility in usage
  • A central PLC based control and user interface may be provided for user setting on conveying times and also to monitor any audio/visual alarms that may need attention
  • Increased machine uptime
  • Complete customized solution as per plant layout and requirement.
  • Full automatic material transfer for long distance
  • Lower scrap with higher yield
  • Improved quality, reduced rejections
  • Reduced spillage and wastage
  • Improved or gained floor space
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced labour and maintenance
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Neat and clean shop floor
  • Better aesthetics
  • User friendly & modular
  • The choice of material feeding from any source to any machine
  • Prevention of feeding wrong materials by coded coupling stations
  • System ensures smooth flow of materials to avoid breakages and angel hairs
  • All the line being purged to prevent any impurity mix up in the system
  • Blending units with metering concept gives accurate and uniform mixing of master batch compared to any other method
  • Loaders are designed with implosion concept which provides auto cleaning in each cycle saving time and money.

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