Precision Moulding Solutions for Every Sector

Diverse Moulding Solutions for Varied Industries

Explore our comprehensive moulding solutions tailored for a wide spectrum of industries. From automotive and household products to medical equipment and packaging, Shibaura Machine delivers precision and innovation, ensuring superior quality across diverse sectors. Our expertise extends to crafting specialized solutions for unique applications, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in moulding technology.

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Precision moulding solutions for automotive components.


Innovative moulding for household products ensuring durability and functionality.


Tailored solutions for manufacturing furniture components with precision.

White Goods

Advanced moulding techniques for white goods, enhancing efficiency and quality.

Mobile Phones

Specialized moulding solutions for the mobile phone manufacturing industry.


Precision moulding solutions for the Packaging Industry.

Medical Equipment

High-precision moulding for critical components in the medical equipment sector.

Material Handling

Robust and reliable moulding for material handling equipment.

PET Solutions

High response onboard mounted electronically controlled variable displacement pump with Induction Motor suited for higher throughput Preforms at reduced lower cycle time.

PVC Solutions

Specialized moulding for PVC applications catering to diverse industries.

Agriculture Products

Precision moulding for components used in agriculture equipment.

Electrical and Electronics

Advanced moulding techniques for electrical and electronic components.

Writing Instruments and Stationery

Tailored solutions for the manufacturing of writing instruments and stationery.