Special Machines


TD-LSR Series

  • TD-LSR series Injection Moulding Machine is characterized by high dimensional accuracy with special LSR screw.
  • High quality parts without secondary finishing with much shorter production cycles than other processes.
  • TD-LSR is particularly suitable for large volume production of small to medium-sized parts for all applications segments such as : Baby products, Health Care, Medical, Automobile , Electronics parts etc.,
  • Optimum material Utilisation through direct sprue less injection into the cavity
  • Fully automatic removal from the mold by means of ejectors and release agents
  • Low closing force with high production performance du to shorter cycle times
  • 14:1 ~ 16:1 L/D Zero Compression Screw with mixer
  • Easy Cleaning, detachable water-cooled barrel 
  • Quick response NRV
  • Liquid silicone style water-cooled Pneumatic Shut-Off Nozzle
  • 3+3 zone mold heating control for LSR molds
  • Quick release LSR Barrel
  • Easy to maintain Water Jacket
  • On-Screen control of mold remperature
  • 8-zone water distribution (option to add upto 12 )
  • Programmable Outputs
  • Dual air blow
  • Breathing and injection compression sequence

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