PET Series of Injection Moulding Machine


  • Shibaura Machine TD PET series can be offered as a system solution for manufacturing preforms along with Shibaura Machine’s dehumidified air drier, vacuum loader & chillers
  • Shibaura Machine TD PET Series offers five-point twin toggle clamping mechanism, robust injection unit, Proven hydraulics with closed loop SYDFEE pump,user friendly Vcon control system

TD PET Series offers rugged and proven five-point twin toggle clamping mechanism with stroke amplification for faster cycling. Additional reserve locking force helps to avoid mould breathing. Mechanical drop bar is given for additional safety.

  • Computer optimized kinematics of toggle mechanism re-produces high precise control over acceleration and deceleration profiles of moving platen movement
  • Precise control over mould sensing force by kinematic of toggle combined with optimized regeneration circuit
  • Less foot print due to optimum use of stroke amplification
  • Graphite impregnated bushes for toggle ensuring of efficient lubrication
  • Automated centralized lubrication system for toggles
  • Anti-friction roller bearings for moving platen
  • TD PET Series comes with robust construction of injection unit with higher injection power and longer L/D ratio suitable for PET applications to help in molding highly viscous resin.
  • New Japanese designed 25 L/D PET SDB screw – Special screw geometry ensures excellent melt quality, Homogeneous mix and better color dispersion.
  • Excellent product quality – High throughput is obtained at very low shear heat leading for better preform quality.
  • Injection unit movement on anti-friction bushes
  • Well-supported barrel assembly for easy alignment
  • Larger cooling water channels to minimize effect of scale formation
  • Hopper throat temperature control
  • Torque free nozzle sealing force
  • Modular selection of injection unit

TD PET Series is known for lower power consumption through actuator level fine – tuned hydraulic circuit.

  • Fast response, on-board mounted , electronically controlled closed loop variable displacement pump `with induction motor
  • High pressure filter with automatic monitoring of clogging with advance warning and stoppage
  • Fast response cartridge logic elements in hydraulic circuit to minimize pressure drop and hence energy loss
  • Large external oil cooler
  • Proportional pressure relief valve for back pressure control
  • Higher power saving compared to conventional servo motor based machines
  • Optimized P-Q characteristics (Combined efficiency of pump and servo motor)

Option of Servo / SYDFEE hydraulics available.

  • Servo Hydraulics: For longer idle time operations
  • SYDFEE Hydraulics: For shorter idle time operations

TD PET Series is offered with highly advanced all new controller with a host of new features

  • Compact in size but with a large 12.1″ touch screen
  • Graphical representation of Injection and Dosing profile
  • 5 stage, mold open and close speeds
  • Wireless connectivity for networking
  • 2 USB ports used for mold data and software changes
  • 300 NO’s of mold data storage in memory
  • Ladder representation of sequencer for easy trouble shooting
  • Ejection retraction (2-position) setting for multiple ejection
  • PID Auto tuning temperature control
  • Flexible Temperature shift program
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