CMT / Coating Machines

CMT Series

Our coating machines are used in various fields especially optical use.

Die processing accuracy

Ultra high precision coating die

Die positioning accuracy

Installing Direct-Drive motors for not only coating unit back-up roll but also Infeed and Outfeed roll makes advantage of stabilizing web at coating point.

Our line drive system that’s feature is the high accuracy and energy saving by combination of high efficient AC vector inverter with a digital control system. Building up an all digital control system for one-unit construction of mechanical and electrical components.

Touch panel controlers

Touch panel controlers, we provide, have features of easy operation. Central control system.

<– Main monitoring screen


                Die-Coater monitoring screen —>

Not only the battery coating, but also Shibaura Machine is working on the pattern coating requested from next generation’s coating.

  • Our Coating machines are able to coat uniformly and sharply by the thickness adjustment of intermittent coating beginning edge and the terminal edge.
  • Short pitch intermittent coating is possible even by the high speed driving.
  • Coating thickness adjustment is possible.
  • Our motorized coating machines make it possible working long time stably.
  • Built in type direct drive motor roll make is possible High-Precision Coating.

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