TEM / Twin Screw Extruders

Shibaura Machine Co., Ltd., a pioneer of twin-screw extruders, has been developing twin-screw extruders for over 60 years since our establishment.
We have continued to make each one carefully according to the customer’s request.
Our company, which has the longest history in Japan, has a database of over 50,000 records and a wealth of accumulated experience and know-how.
We will propose the most suitable barrel and screw configuration for your request.
Cellulose nanofiber (CNF), carbon nanotube (CNT), biodegradable plastic, biomass
We can handle various raw materials such as plastics. We also contribute to development and productivity improvement through simulation and IoT.

Machine Composition

We can provide system engineering for ancillary equipment such as a feeder that quantitatively feeds raw materials into the twin-screw kneading extruder, a cooling water tank that cools the extruded strands, and a pelletizer that cuts the strands.

Screw shaft/screw element
Various screw elements with different functions are inserted on the screw shaft.It is possible to freely change the screw configuration according to the material properties and molding purpose.

It adopts a block system that can freely combine unit barrels with different functions and shapes.

Side feeder
It is a device that forcibly pushes various fillers into the machine from the middle of the extrusion kneading process.

Process Controller / EXTVISOR


Click here for the detail information for EXTVISOR-VI

We provide total support from extruders to sheet/film manufacturing equipment.

■ Make effective use of the large screen

■ Abundant functions and excellent operability 

■ Extensive data management

■ Highly reliable system

TEM-SX series Ultra High Torque type

Features of SX series

  1. The world highest level : torque density 18.1N/m/cm³.

  2. Productivity improvement keeping the quolity by increase of throughput.

  3. Main parts are optimized and highly rigid.

  4. Inheriting the profile of SS series.

TEM-SS series Deep channel high torque type /TEM-SSG Global standard model for compounding

Features of TEM-SS/SSG

SSG ~ Global model pursuing the functions required for compounds ~

  1. Improvement of the machine perfomance
  2. Great cost Perfomence
  3. Improvement for easy maintenance

TEM-DS series Ultra deep channel type Twin Screw Extruder


1. Large volume
To compound low bulk density resin materials, small particle, and concentrated filler, DS Series increases conveyable free volume and improves feed acceptance capability, hence it increases ability directly.

2.Decline of the resin temperature
The smaller flight top realizes the decreace or power consumption by the decreace of excessive local shearing action.

3.Increased residence time
Ultra deep channel has large feed volume and it surely makes the residence time long, and therefore it is the optimal series for reactive processing, devolatalizing, and desolventing which needs mixing action and long pass time.

4.Improved devolatilization
Compared to the SX / SS series, the free volume is large and the volatilization efficiency is improved.

Small Scale series for research and development(TEM-26SX,TEM-18SS/DS)

Small machines for research and development have appeared in the TEM series, which constantly challenges new technologies and leads the times.
With a small diameter (φ26, 18mm) machine that is ideal for research and development, shibaura Machine will support the development of new technologies that will survive the 21st century.

TEM-26SX Features

  • Achieves the world’s highest level of allowable torque (torque density 18.1 N ・ m / cm³)
  • High-speed specifications (1118min⁻¹) are also available
  • Compact design allows installation in the laboratory
  • Uses an easy maintenance structure for easy handling

Compounding & Pelletizing Process

Resin example: commodity resin / engineering plastic / super engineering plastic /biomass plastic / biodegradable plastic / various fillers / various liquids / various crushed products

Out put(Reference)

Dewatering Process

Dewatering system of ABS wet powder and rubber (TPE, SBR, EPR, AR) is one of our special different technology. it si sometimes called squeezer or dryer and it demonstrates. It prevents the equipement investment and helps to improve the productivity and drives down the running cost. Also it corresponds to enviromental loading reduction(e.g. VOC, and others).

Reactive Process

You can use it for the reacter of polymerization, depolymerization, and chemical reforming of the material which needs detention time. Twin screw extruder has very high productivity than batch type and the self-cleaning effect of the screw makes it possible to reduce the gel occur. We could support various type reactive extrusion based on merit have L/D=100 Based on the result of L/D=100, we could support various type reactive extrusion.

Direct Extrusion Process

Direct extrusion Process of sheet and film using twin screw extruder without pelletizing or drying process could improve the quality by deterriolation inhibition, and saves the energy and space. Operating range is wider than the single screw extruder, and it contributes to productibity by rasing ratio of fluff. Also the segment method screw could correspond to various types of resin, and therefore application range expands.


Our twin-screw kneading extruders are developed with consideration for the environment.


Shibaura Machine proposes diversified recycling compounds such as material recycling and chemical recycling with the optimum equipment configuration using the twin-screw kneading extruder “TEM”.

  • Optimization of specifications using extensive test facilities
  • Applying conventional engineering capabilities to recycled compounds
  • Extensive line-up for various recycled raw materials
  • It is possible to select a model according to the purpose, such as increased discharge by increasing
  • the biting amount, kneading at low temperature, etc.
  • Many achievements in various fields such as home appliances, automobile parts, food containers, optical films, etc.

CNF Compound

We are proposing the optimization of CNF, a new material, in combination with each raw material.
We conduct tests jointly with each user.

  • Device configuration example

●Test performance at our company (example) Test example

① Raw material: Olefin (PP powder)
 CNF (wet powder) ※Blended in a mixer
 Product: CNF content (5wt%)
 Test purpose: Both dehydration and dispersion Test example

② Raw material: Olefin (PP/LDPE)    
 CNF (2wt% aqueous solution)
 Product: CNF content (0.2wt%)
 Purpose of test: Improving secondary moldability and fluidity Test example

③ Raw material: PLA + CNF 0.5% aqueous solution
 Test purpose: Confirmation of improvement in physical properties Test example

④ Raw material: CNF + surfactant
 Test purpose: defibration of CNF

  • SX Series
  • SS/DS series
  • Small Scale series

SX Series

In the case of 10 barrels, a screw drive motor is not included.

SS/DS series

In the case of 10 barell, a screw drive motor is not inculded.

Small Scale series

In the case of 10 barell, a screw drive motor is not included.

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