PVC Series of Injection Molding Machine


TD PVC Series offers solution for molding r PVC / u PVC , c PVC & PPR pipe and fittings.

TD PVC Series offers rugged and proven five-point twin toggle clamping mechanism with stroke amplification for faster cycling. Additional reserve locking force helps in avoiding mold breathing.
Designed for large and heavier molds
Mechanical drop bar is given for additional safety.

  • Computer optimized kinematics of toggle mechanism re-produces high precise control over acceleration and deceleration profiles of moving platen movement
  • Precise control over mold sensing force by kinematic of toggle combined with optimized regeneration circuit
  • Less foot print due to optimum use of stroke amplification
  • Graphite impregnated bushes for toggle ensuring of efficient lubrication
  • Automated centralized lubrication system for toggles
  • Anti-friction roller bearings for moving platen

TD PVC Series comes with robust construction of injection unit with higher injection power with suitable screws for molding r PVC /u PVC , C PVC & PPR applications.

  • Modular selection of injection unit
  • Torque free nozzle sealing force
  • Specially designed Japanese DBC profile screw processes both PVC powder and granule in one screw
  • Seal at screw end to facilitate processing raw material in powder form
  • Various screw & barrel combination based on end user material
  • Blower control for barrel heater to avoid hot spots in barrel
  • Injection unit movement on anti-friction bushes
  • Well-supported barrel assembly for easy alignment
  • Hopper throat temperature control standard
  • Larger cooling water channels to minimize effect of scale formation

Optimized servo system results in lower energy consumption through actuator level fine – tuned hydraulic circuit

  • Reliable combination of servo-motor, pump & drive
  • Optimized P-Q characteristics (Combined efficiency of pump and servo motor)
  • Optimized drive parameters for dynamic response and long life
  • Optimized hydraulic circuit for ensuring longer life of pump
  • High response cartridge logic elements in hydraulic circuit to minimize pressure drop and hence energy loss
  • Backlash free coupling for efficient transmission of power
  • High pressure filter with automatic monitoring of clogging with advance warning and stoppage
  • Large external oil cooler suitable for longer hold-on molded parts
  • Proportional valve for back pressure control

TD PVC Series is offered with highly advanced all new controller with a host of new features

  • Compact in size but with a large 12.1″ touch screen
  • Graphical representation of Injection and Dosing profile
  • 5 stage, mold open and close speeds
  • Wireless connectivity for networking
  • 2 USB ports used for mold data and software changes
  • 300 nos. of mold data storage in memory
  • Ladder representation of sequencer for easy trouble shooting
  • Ejection retraction (2-position) setting for multiple ejection
  • PID Auto tuning temperature control
  • Flexible Temperature shift program

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