Roll-to-Roll type UV imprinting machine

High-precision coating technology and web handling technology have realized high-definition (several mm level) continuous transfer. We help our customers manufacture high value-added and differentiated products.

1.The transparent film is fed out from the feeding shaft and coated with UV curable resin.

2.The film is pressed through the nip roll onto a roll-shaped mold called a mold roll to transfer the shape of the mold roll.

3.The resin is hardened by UV irradiation, and the process from mold release to winding is performed in a continuous process and create a molded product.

Custom support is available for the requests for wider width, higher speed, protective film bonding, resin mold support, etc.

High accuracy both sides pattern imprinting

A transparent film is attached to the feeding shaft, and it is continuously fed at the surface transfer part. UV transfer the surface. After transfer, the film is inverted, the back and surface are UV-transferred by the back-surface transfer part, the front and back surfaces are aligned, and the film is wound by the winding shaft.

High precision pattern position alignment by web handling, sensing, and positioning technology

The alignment mark is transferred to the edge of the pattern area when UV transferring the front and back surfaces. The alignment marks on the front and back sides are taken with an alignment camera installed after the back-side transfer, and the relative position of the back side with respect to the front side is detected from the captured image and the position is corrected to the target position.

UV imprint on non-transparent film

By using a transparent glass roll and arranging a UV lamp inside the roll, UV transfer to an opaque substrate has been achieved.
It can be used as a mold roll by wrapping a transparent film mold around a glass roll.

Intermittent Coating

For intermittent coating, only the stamper attached to the roll can be coated by linking the stamper position and coating timing.

Our test equipment has a lineup of 120 mm, 400 mm, and 200 mm for double-sided transfer. We will provide tests according to your specifications.

Verification details in test equipment

・Optimizing coating depth, nip amount, nip pressure

・Film base handling tension control, line speed

・Matching of the film base and UV-curable resin

・Molding shape evaluation

・selection of UV-curable resin etc.

RT-120URT-120U (Non-transparent film)RT-400URT-200WU (Double-sided transfer)RT-400U
Feed rate0.1 ~ 3.9 m/min0.1 ~ 3.9 m/min0.1 ~ 9 m/min0.5 ~ 30 m/min
Coating width60 ~ 80 mm60 ~ 80 mm80 mm100 ~ 240 mm
( = Transfer width)
MoldMaterialNi Stamper・Resin moldTransparent resin moldResin moldNi Stamper・Resin mold
Thickness0.2 mm Less than0.2 mm Less than0.2 mm Less than0.2 mm Less than
width100 mm Less than100 mm Less than200mm Les than350mm Less than
length620 mm Less than620 mm Less than314 mm Less than780 mm Less than
Base filmMaterialOpacity filmTransparent,opaque filmOpacity filmOpacity film
(Easy adhesion type )(Double-sided easy-adhesion type )(Easy adhesion type )
coreΦ 3 inchΦ 3 inchΦ 3 inchΦ 3 inch
Thickness50 ~ 188 µm50 ~ 188 µm50 ~ 188 µm50 ~ 188 µm
width100mm Less than100mm Less than180mm Less than300mm Less than
Roll diameterΦ 200 mmΦ 200 mmΦ 200 mmΦ 300 mm
UV-resinClay5 ~ 60 mPa・s5 ~ 60 mPa・s5 ~ 60 mPa・s5 ~ 2000mPa・s
UV LampMetal halide lampUV-LED 365nmUV-LED 385nmElectrodeless lamp Metal halide lamp)
UV-LED 385nm

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