LMD dryers operate at maximum efficiency and with minimum operating maintenance. The opportunity to have multiple material bins connected to one dry air generator provides our customers with maximum flexibility and no interruption to production. Drying can continue while material is changed in any one bin, minimising loss of valuable production time during material changes.LMD series dryer ranges available from 50m3/hr to 800 m3/hr.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Simultaneous drying of different materials
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Closed loop regeneration process
  • Continuous supply of dry air to drying bin
  • Machine mounted / Floor mounted bins available
  • Individual bin temperature control
  • Weekly timer available
  • Insulated Drying bin with SS cladding
  • CE Certified
  • Large Cleaning window from 60L bin
  • 3 level safety for heater protection
  • Designed to supply consistent supply of low dew point air to drying bin
  • Continuous drying with two high-efficiency desiccant beds
  • Preheating and standby function for proper drying
  • Integrated Conveying
  • Special Controllers for interfacing bin temperature with IMM through RS-485 communication
  • Frequency controlled process blower for various throughput application
  • Return air cooler for high temperature application
  • Process air cooler for special grade materials
  • Twin stage filter for special grade materials
  • Process air filter
  • Dew point sensor with display for all LMD series dryer
  • Dew point based change over for less power consumption from LMD 200
  • Remote on/off dryer from IMM iBed
  • Dry air conveying
  • Line purging

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