Industrial IOT & Industry 4.0

Smart Machines for Smarter Factories

Smart Factory offers a more comprehensive, interlinked, and holistic approach to manufacturing. It connects physical with digital, and allows for better collaboration and access across departments, partners, vendors, product, and people. It empowers business owners to better control and understands every aspect of their operation, and allows them to leverage instant data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.

Shibaura machine have in built solutions to meet Industry 4.0 standard.

Our machines are compatible with the following data exchange protocols

  • Compliance to EUROMAP 77 standard for secure and reliable data exchange in the industrial automation space using OPC Unified Architecture (OPC/UA) data format
  • Moulding process data transfer through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which enables any end user can develop customised front end system for complete analysis of process data which helps in improving the process, enhanced product quality and increased productivity

Customized smart factory solution can be provided for Centralized Material Handling system. All Auxiliary Equipments such as Dryer, Drying Bin, MTC and Loaders are interlinking to Central PLC via communication controls. The process data is collected from all system and it can be used for efficient control and monitoring of entire system.

Salient Features of a Smart Factory

  • Remote accessing
  • Data logging and reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • External Machine Interfacing
  • Smart Guidelines

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