Direct Cooling

DIRECT COOLING – LTDK & LTDK Smart series (For Water only)

  • High Cooling capacity
  • Automatic filling with pressure monitoring
  • Dry contact alarm
  • Maintaining constant pressure to mould by monitoring inlet and outlet pressure
  • Leak free pump and zero maintenance
  • Water contacting medium is full of SS for LTDK smart series
  • Audio visual alarm in case of fault
  • Inbuilt Pressure gauges
  • Overload protection for pump
  • PID controller
  • Dual temperature safety
  • Special Controllers for interfacing bin temperature with IMM through RS-485 communication
  • Alarm interfacing with IMM machine
  • Insulated tank for 140 deg application
  • Y strainer, Shut off Valve in TO process and FROM process
  • Electronic flow rate measurement
  • Customised high flow & High heating capacity unit is on request

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