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  • Well-designed injection unit with energy saving servo hydraulic operated stuffing unit for easy material feeding into barrel
  • Special geometry plasticizing screw with non-return valve in screw tip, optimized for dough material, re-produces shot to shot consistency to higher level
  • Energy efficient, High response servo motor & pump system controls Injection, holding and screw speed consistently and accurately
  • Chiller interface for barrel cooling control
  • Universal Intrusion and cold slug removal sequence for process
  • Universally settable mould Breathing , injection compression sequence ( Coining process ) for BMC/ DMC Moulding
  • Independently settable five stage mould close and opening with stroke based switch over including mould sensing function, ensures precise control over mould close and open even at high speed machine operation
  • Interfaces for Hot Runner System with Pneumatic Valve
  • High speed machines with the option of specially conceptualized hydraulics for injection re-produces aesthetically appealing surface finish of moulded part
  • Lowest dough loading time in hopper , thanks to parallel hopper along with associated material loading system
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